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Tips for Choosing a Luxury Villa in Sri Lanka

Lovely beaches, plenty of natural beauty, cultural attractions and luxurious villas and resorts make Sri Lanka a wonderful place for a memorable and leisurely holiday with your family. In recent times, there has been a surge in luxury villa rental in Sri Lanka. But how do you choose the right property from amongst numerous options? In this guide, we try to help you make that decision.

How to choose a luxury villa for your holidays

Think about the atmosphere and the holiday lifestyle

Even the concept of a luxury villa holiday can be subjective. Do you want to spend your holiday far from the maddening crowd in a luxurious retreat surrounded by nature? Or would you prefer a private villa near the beach with a panoramic view of the sea and access to upscale entertainment? Close your eyes and imagine how you would like to spend your holiday. Once you have a basic idea about the type of atmosphere you would enjoy during your vacation, contact a travel agent or begin your own research. Sri Lanka, fortunately, can accommodate both retreats close to nature and beautiful beach villas.

What do you need to feel at ease?

If you are a fitness conscious person, you might want to consider booking a villa equipped with a personal gym. If you love food, ask your travel agency to look for villas that provide an ‘in-villa chef’ for your convenience. It all depends on your personal preference. After all, a luxury vacation is all about indulgence.

Be precise about your preferences

Make a list of your preferences and deal breakers. You can give this list to your travel agency so that they can find the perfect fit and customize services to suit you. Do you want to make use of frequent spa therapy or play golf? Do you prefer bedrooms with elegant, oversized tubs? Simply, put down your wishes on the list.

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