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Sri Lanka Villa Holiday Guide: What Sri Lankan food has no chilly?

Tourist in Sri Lanka Padi field

The word for spicy in Sinhalese is “Sarai” and the word for chilly is “Miris”. This can be a very important word to learn if you want to avoid streaming eyes and noses. If you’re planning a family holiday to this beautiful island, especially if you’re staying in villas near Galle, then this guide will help you to enjoy some...
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Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Family Friendly Beach Bars in Galle

Sri Lanka's South Coast Nightlife

Planning a villa holiday in Sri Lanka is more exciting than ever before. There are tons of family friendly villas near Galle which are now situated amongst some great beaches to enjoy the sunset with a few drinks whilst the children safely play and make friends. This guide picks out some of our favourite family friendly beach bars and luxury...
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