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Sri Lanka Villa Holiday Guides: Tipping in Sri Lanka

Most holidaymakers prefer to get grips with Sri Lanka’s tipping etiquette before commencing their holiday. Whether you are planning to get villas for rent in Galle or to stay in a five-star hotel, here are a few things to know about tipping in Sri Lanka.

To tip or not to tip – Sri Lanka Villa Holiday Guides

Tipping drivers or chauffeurs

First thing you must know is that Sri Lanka’s wages are quite low therefore tips are an additional method of earning however nothing is compulsory and is merely a form of courtesy. A driver can be tipped between Rs. 2000-2500 if you are happy with the service and this is usually for someone who takes you on a long tour.

Tipping tour guides

You generally tip around Rs.500 for a day especially if the guide is enthusiastic and helpful.

Tipping hotel staff

Whether you are staying in luxury villas in Talpe, a boutique hotel in Galle or beach resorts in Bentota, your tip depends on your level of satisfaction with the service and how generous you are feeling. The salaries for hotel staff is low and tips are appreciated however it’s difficult to dictate how much you must give. You can tip as you go along or when you depart.

Tipping in restaurants

You will notice that most restaurants include a 10% service charge. Small eateries will not have this additional percentage and a tip will be much appreciated. Many locals tend to tip irrespective of whether the 10% service charge is added or not. You can keep between Rs50 – 500, depending on what you can afford.  

Tipping tuk-tuk and taxis

Tips are not essential but as always it will be appreciated. Rounding up the fare is the common practice and most taxis and tuk-tuks have meters. If there is no meter then it’s best to bargain on a price in advance.

Carry small notes (less than Rs.500), which will come in handy during your holiday in Sri Lanka.

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