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Sri Lanka Villa Holiday Guide: What Sri Lankan food has no chilly?

The word for spicy in Sinhalese is “Sarai” and the word for chilly is “Miris”. This can be a very important word to learn if you want to avoid streaming eyes and noses. If you’re planning a family holiday to this beautiful island, especially if you’re staying in villas near Galle, then this guide will help you to enjoy some fine local food without setting the little ones mouths on fire.

Sarai Neh! What Sri Lankan food has no chilly?

A Guide to Sri Lanka’s Least Spicy Dishes and Child Friendly Food

Sri Lanka Egg Hoppers

Egg Hoppers

Egg Hoppers are absolutely delicious and not spicy at all. The hopper is made from a mixture of rice flour and coconut milk creating a doughy bowl that has a similar consistency to crumpets or fluffy pancakes. An egg is the cooked within the hopper and seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or general snacks, this is an easy, mild, delicious and cheap option all through the day.

Dahl Curry

The flavour of Dahl Curry can vary between establishments but it is generally mild and always delicious. Lentils are boiled and then added to a tomato based curry which boasts fine aromatic flavour without being loaded by chilli. Take it with rice or roti bread and eat with your hands if you really want a taste of the local experience.

Coconut Roti

Coconut Rotti is the Sri Lankan equivalent of an artisan baked good. Rice flour is used to create a delicious unleavened bread which is fried with coconut shaving encased within. This is a fantastic alternative to rice and can serve as a delightful dipping bread to go with your mild dahl curry.

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