How to Negotiate Prices With Tuk Tuks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Villa Holiday Guide: Negotiating Prices With Tuk Tuks

Uber and local rivals such as pick me are well established in Colombo and Kandy, but do not currently encompass all of the South Coast’s iconic three wheeler taxis. However, if you’re planning to stay in villas near Galle then taking a Tuk Tuk is one of the most convenient ways to get around. However, your personal chauffeur might not always be honest about how much a journey should cost. Here we have compiled a guide to help you ensure you get a good price whilst remaining polite and win the respect of your driver.

How to Negotiate Prices With Tuk Tuks in Sri Lanka


Tuk Tuk Took Too Much: A Guide to Paying a Fair Price


Agree a price with your tuk tuk driver – Strike a deal before you ride

It’s much harder to negotiate a fair price once you’ve reached your destination. Unless your driver is one of the rare, honest sorts then he will try to take full advantage of your naivety. Make sure you’ve clearly agreed on a price before sitting down.

Clock the Distance of your drive

Smartphone technology allows you to instantly check the distance by road from your location to your desired destination. This can give you an idea of how much the journey should cost. In the commercial capital of Colombo, Tuk Tuks with taxi licenses must legally have meters installed which charge 60 Rs. for the first kilometer and 35 Rs. for every subsequent kilometer. You should apply a similar pricing structure to your journeys on the South Coast.

Sorry Sir/Madam, No Change

One of the classic devices a driver will use to rip you off is to regretfully reveal he has no change when you reach your destination. Try to always have the right money on you to avoid an unnecessary confrontation.

It can be classically European or British to end up paying far more than you should out of politeness and not wanting to cause a fuss. However, getting a fair price is about respect and equality so don’t be afraid to drive a hard bargain and say no.

Rough Tuk Tuk Costs For South Coast Top Destinations

Talpe to Galle Fort – 500 – 600 rs

Talpe to Dewata Beach – 500-600 rs

Talpe to Kingfisher Restaurant, Unawatuna – 400-500 rs

Koggala to Wijaya Beach – 400-500 rs

Galle Fort to Habaraduwa Turtle Hatchery – 700 rs

Galle Fort to The Fortress, Koggala – 800 rs

Galle Fort to Koggala Stilt Fisherman – 800 rs

Galle Fort to Ahangama South – 900-1000 rs

Galle Fort to to Ahangama North – 1000-1200 rs

Galle Fort to Weligama – 1500-1600 rs

Galle Fort to Mirissa – 2200-2500 rs

Galle Fort to Hikkaduwa – 2000 rs

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