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Sri Lanka Tourism Update

Easter Sunday 2019 in Sri Lanka is a date that will be ingrained in memory for generations. The callous attacks in Colombo sent shockwaves through the world. What has come to be an exciting destination for tourists, has now come under speculation for its safety, threatening the livelihoods of many Sri Lankan business owners and their employees.

Many Governments are now advising against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka and issued advisories based on a) the belief there would be more immediate attacks and b) for the SL Government to demonstrate that it can cope. With many arrests having been carried out by the security services it is perhaps not unreasonable to say that the threat of further immediate attacks has eased but for the second part of the advisory to be fulfilled may take weeks, months or even years.

After the attacks in Tunisia, even though there were no further incidents, it took 2 years for the travel advisory to ease. During this time some tourists still visited and as we do not know how long the advisory will remain to Sri Lanka we wanted to highlight one or two suggestions in case anyone wanted to visit our beautiful Indian Ocean Island.

“Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?” is the question on many people’s google searches as they still wonder whether their 2019 holidays will go ahead. It would seem flippant to some if we answered this as a single sweeping generalization. What is ‘safe’ for me might be risky for the next person and so on. Some of us swim in waves that others would find too dangerous and so on. We all have had different life experiences and benchmarks.

So the decision on whether to visit or not is a wholly subjective one but perhaps there are some general suggestions that apply to all.

First and foremost be informed. Please read and understand the current safety advice for Sri Lanka and also take advice from people living here. When on holiday spend a little less screen-time and be more aware of your surroundings and others. Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance – it is possible to arrange this even when a travel advisory is in play. Also inform family members of your whereabouts.

In Colombo and to a lesser extent all over Sri Lanka, as in many other countries, you will see a security presence and heightened security measures. This is a good thing. Equally many parts of the country, and several villas, are popular due to the ability to ‘get away from it all’ and relax far away from the outside world.

If you wish to come then we, at Eden Villas in Sri Lanka, are ready to welcome you to this beautiful island and to our villas. Please contact us for more details.

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