Things to do in Galle: Learning to Surf

Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Learning to Surf in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is fast becoming the most popular destination in the world for those who want to learn how to surf. The gradual increase in depth of the water as you move away from the coastline means that the waves break in a relatively soft fashion. Of course, that is certainly not true for every surf spot. We’ve compiled a guide of the top locations to learn to surf near within a close vicinity to the best villas near Galle.

Where to Begin? The Best Spots to Learn Surf in South East Sri Lanka

Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka

Weligama Bay

Weligama Bay is the longest stretch of sandy beach on the South Coast. The sandy bottom means that there is absolutely no chance of injury due to rocks or sharp reef. Furthermore, the bay is so big that there is always a place to try out surfing without having too many people around. There are also a lot of qualified instructors with up to date equipment.

Best Places to Stay in Weligama:

Red Cliffs Villa, Weligama
Kumara Villa, Weligama
Suriyawatta Villa, Weligama


Dewata Beach

Dewata is the closest surfing beach to Galle Fort and one of the best places to learn. It’s a beach break which means no sharp reef or rocks to fall on and the waves are usually soft and slow. This makes it a fantastic place to hone your skills.

Best Places to Stay near Dewata Beach:

Wijaya Giri Villa, Ahangama
Boundary House, Galle
Lassana Kanda Villa, Unawatuna


Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Learning to Surf in Sri Lanka

Kabalana Beach

Kabalana has a long and beautiful stretch of white sand which provides a perfect location for beginners to get the feel of surfing. The waves break quite far out creating a lot of white wash that comes trundling in across a long distance so the novice will have a lot of time to acclimatise to the feeling of standing on a board and riding a wave.

Best Places to Stay near Kabalana Beach:

Mandalay Villa, Koggala
Ivory House, Koggala
Villa Serendipity, Koggala

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