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Galle Villas Holiday Guides: History Of Galle

History Of Galle

Discovering the History Of Galle is a memorable part of our guests holidays. Apart from being a much loved holiday destination where some of the best villas in Sri Lanka lie, Galle is a historic town worthy of discovery with a local history that goes back thousands of years and colonial history that starts from around the 1600’s. In this...
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Villa Holiday in Sri Lanka: Travelling The South Coast

Whale watching in Mirissa – Villas in Sri Lanka

Sun drenched expanses of soft sand, pale green paddy fields, plenty of wildlife and cultural sites combine to make Sri Lanka’s southern coast worthy of exploration on your villa holiday. The region homes some of the most sought after luxury villas in Sri Lanka, from secluded inland escapes to beachfront surf pads. In this article, we’ll cover some tips for travelling...
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Villa Travel Guide: Safe beaches to swim near Galle

How to Negotiate Prices With Tuk Tuks in Sri Lanka

One of the main reasons there are so many family friendly villas near Galle is because it gives your clan the best of both whilst on vacation. The UNESCO heritage site of Galle Fort offers some fantastic sightseeing and delectable cuisine for even the fussiest of young eaters whilst a great deal of the surrounding coastline boasts some stunning beaches....
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South Coast – Villas in Sri Lanka

South coast – Villas in Sri Lanka

Home to some of the most picturesque villas in Sri Lanka, the south coast of Sri Lanka is a wonderful holiday destination that’s growing in popularity with international visitors every year.  Birds and beasts roam wild and free in national parks of southern Sri Lanka and rolling seas slow down to lap against soft sandy beaches. In this article, we...
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Sri Lanka Villa Holiday Guide: Scuba Diving Sites In Sri Lanka

Scuba Diving sites in Sri Lanka

Are you looking for the best scuba diving sites in Sri Lanka. The beauty of Sri Lanka’s southern coast can be explored not only above the water but also beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. The underwater world that is blessed with vibrantly coloured corals and a myriad of fish is best explored with your scuba gear on. One...
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