Sri Lanka’s Best Beaches on the South Coast

Sri Lanka’s Best Beaches on the South Coast are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Although the beach at Galle Fort is not the best one to spend time on, there are plenty of others close-by that you can explore. Dewata beach is the closest to the Fort and is a great spot for surfing, especially for beginners. Watching dozens of silhouettes riding the sparkling waves as the sun goes down is an enchanting sight. You can catch waves pretty much anywhere on the South Coast, but one of the best places to go if you’re a surfer is Weligama or Ahangama.‘The Rock’ in Ahangama is one of the best spots for advanced surfers. Ahangama is also famous for the postcard image of the Sri Lankan stilt fishermen. The stilt fisherman cluster in fishing spots close to the shoreline. Be prepared to pay if you want to take photos! If you’re looking for surf breaks at a less crowded beach with more of an ‘undiscovered’ and ‘undeveloped’ feel, then Hiriketiya is the place for you.

Sri Lanka’s Best Beaches You Have To Visit On Your Villa Holiday

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Explore Habaraduwa

If you’re more interested in the wildlife that the beaches of the South Coast have to offer, then we recommend a few spots in particular. Habaraduwa is one of our top picks if you’re looking to see turtles. As well as being one of the most beautiful beaches, with hanging pals and perfect sand, there is a turtle hatchery and sanctuary on the beach where you can get up close and personal with the beautiful creatures. Dalawella beach is a great place for swimming and wild turtle spotting. The reef forms a protective barrier, creating a calm and warm lagoon. Frog Rock looks beautiful as the sun goes down, and if you walk a little further past the rock you will find the ‘insta famous’ palm tree rope swing, perfect for pictures. If you want to see some of the most magnificent creatures of the sea, make sure you make it over to Mirissa to go on a morning whale watching trip.

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Talalla beach holidays

One of the most beautiful beaches in the South is Talalla beach, offering the most idyllic tropical beach scene you could imagine. Talalla is only 10km east of Matara and is known for its one mile long pure golden sandy beach. Fleets of local fishing boats are often the sole occupants. There is even a secret surf spot from the resort for advanced surfers. Expect A-frame waves up to 8 feet high, especially between April and September.

Discover Dickwella

Dickwella is one of the best beaches to visit if you’re looking to experience a more local atmosphere. This small coastal town is 22km east of Matara. The large bay bordering the town is one of the most popular amongst locals. We would recommend a morning stroll on the beach followed by a visit to the local food market.

Visit Tangalle

Tangalle is fast becoming the destination of choice for travelers thanks to its white sandy beaches. Mawella beach is a blissfully quiet stretch of sand, ideal for a long walk and admiring the fisherman in action at dawn or dusk. Goyambokka feels like a well-kept secret. With transparent waters surrounded by trees, its relaxed atmosphere makes it one of the ‘less-discovered’ beaches. At Rekawa beach you are more likely to see turtles than tourists. During mating season the Greenback, Hawksbill and even the Gargantuan Leather Back can be found laying their eggs on the beach.

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Unawatuna Beach Holidays

Finally, if you’re looking for a party beach, Unawatuna beach is your go-to destination. The beach itself is one of the most popular amongst tourists, so be prepared to have locals approach you throughout the day selling various goods and services. There are plenty of late night bars to enjoy, such as Happy Banana, Riddim bar and Kingfisher.

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